Can We Have Sex Before We Get Married?

Can We Have Sex Before We Get Married?

Today we visited a burning Christian relationships FAQ: Can we have sex before relationship?

The Bible plainly teaches that intercourse before wedding is wrong (1 Corinthians 5:11; 6:9-11). Consequently this question is frequently questioned by those people who are non-believers or believers battling intimate sin.

Believers are called to live in new way of living that Christ has actually bought for them by his death and victorious resurrection. Which means we’re known as to honour Christ above all people.

Sex before relationship was wrong because, in a primary feeling, Jesus claims its wrong.

Intercourse before wedding was wrong because, in a basic feeling, Jesus states it really is wrong. But subsequently, sex try an attractive surprise that is created for the covenantal wedding commitment, between husband and wife. When intercourse is researched outside of the confines of common believe, God’s honour and the covenantal union of matrimony, it leads to guilt and shame, a weakened conscience and deep spiritual and emotional hurt. This may sooner hurt your personal future marital union. The gifts of intercourse is best enjoyed and investigated within wedding.

Praise getting to God, who are able to function with sexual guilt and embarrassment to renew men and women to enjoy God’s surprise of matrimony. Continue reading “Can We Have Sex Before We Get Married?”