Porno FriendFinder consumers acquire privates exposed. again – report

Porno FriendFinder consumers acquire privates exposed. again – report

Billions of porno FriendFinder (AFF) records seem to have-been uncovered yet again. a data of usernames, messages, and passwords of footloose and fancy free users, in conjunction with those from relevant sites, has leaked and emerged on line. The breach will not be confirmed through the site’s mom business …


Straps switched off.

Just isn’t lifestyle a scream?

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Pleasant passwords

21 equal: youwillneverwalkalone

21 equal: ilovemanchesterunited

(and also for the good thing about non-UK readers: you won’t wander by itself will be the anthem of Liverpool Football Club)

What is it with footballers?

Comes with the whole world lost Madison? I Ashley think so!

Trench application because erm, ah, precisely what comprise you referring to?

I walked into the sitting room last night to check out the conclusion an advertising on TV set. For Ashley Maddison. Co-incidence or conspiracy. They usually appeared similar to the expression of an attorney for me, as opposed to a dating/shagging internet site.

400 million records? We wonder how many of those are actually “managment” records. I do not imply “workers” account, I guess I mean “database therapy” accounts. For instance, to encourage male people that we now have adequate feminine people. And what number are a few dude setting different records collectively gender / gender orientation / young age / hair colour^H^H^H^H^H^Horientation he will think of, to come up with the max many “hits”.

Individual Bot Finder.

The remaining are brought in bash Ashley Madison drip to improve reputation.

“El Reg approached FriendFinder companies via its web form pleasing touch upon the violation. We’re going to revise this journey after they validate if Dabbsy will need to alter his own password.”

I am obtaining reluctant to subscribe to ANYTHING

I’ve a genuine problem about finding yourself in an inn Ca collection, where to check out, but never remove. Continue reading “Porno FriendFinder consumers acquire privates exposed. again – report”