What Do Women Think About Sole Men Over 40?

What Do Women Think About Sole Men Over 40?

Recently I polled a variety of unmarried ladies over 40 about what the two really think about single guys. I decided the majority of the opinions might be negative; sour, and impossible.

But there was furthermore charming comments about unmarried males, which forced me to be happier and optimistic for future years of midlife associations.

To begin with, the not-so-nice opinions

Individual the male is.

  • Only a few there!
  • Unavailable.
  • Sometimes clueless.
  • Definitely clueless.
  • Entirely uninformed to a woman’s demands. Once again, absolutely an excuse exactly why they’re solitary.
  • Boys who will be unmarried over 40 are completely uninformed. The women want commitments and the males are actually beyond unaware.
  • That they need babysitting.
  • a puzzle.